Really, really regretting ever deleting film-grain, even though I like my blog much better now.

I miss my followers man.

  1. winterwools said: chin up buttercup, i love the way your blog is now and as for the followers, you’ll get there. :)
  2. infi-nita said: oh my god I remember film-grain.. I used to love that blog!
  3. crystalvoyagers said: i am still here :3
  4. richardcastles said: i miss film-grain, too. :(
  5. citylicker said: I still really love your blog, the only thing I noticed that is different is somehow it seems like there’s less of your personality showing through now than with film-grain
  6. birkettsdivagation said: Its an empty comment but, you had the fame and lost it on your own accord. Its far better than loosing it any other way. People loved your work, and still do. I mean you told us you were moving, and those who truly cared followed you here.
  7. soaked-soul said: I miss film-grain.
  8. paperlilie said: :(
  9. solsetur posted this
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