Anonymous said: tell me something, I'm from Iceland, and I was wondering why you love Iceland so much.

I’ve never been, so I guess I can’t judge that well, but it just looks so incredible, the scenery, waterfalls, rocks, endless cliffs, beautiful rivers, as well as the architecture in the towns, it just looks wonderful. The language is beautiful too.

  1. voxt said: IT’S JUST QUIET AND COSY. <3
  2. innocentheathen said: most beautiful place in the whole world. there’s no place like iceland.
  3. misterchu said: Iceland is. And, also, it is the Liverpool of this moment. Every place will have it’s time, this is the time of Iceland.
  4. reflexes said: ahhh I want to go so badly! (its right after greece but before australia on my list)
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