Anonymous said: what is being in love like?

This is the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer because, well, it’s really not something I can describe.

To me it’s just incredible that there’s this one person in the world who I click with so amazingly well, and who I feel so comfortable around. who, whenever I’m around her, has the capability to make me feel incredibly, unendingly happy without even doing anything. Like, I’m a very sad person, but when I’m around her being sad just isn’t really a thing that can happen.

I’ve tried not to write any super clichéd things about my heart fluttering every time I see her (but it totally does), this is just the most special part of being in love to me, having someone that I will never tire of being around even though I spend like 5 hours a day around her.

Also I get someone to cuddle with and make out with whenever and that is awesome.

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