Tumblr followers,

I love you, thank you for liking the things I post and helping me to share other people’s art, and for sometimes talking to me when I feel shit.

Happy Esther day :3

  1. kyliecarefree said: ESTHER DAY!!!! <3x1000000
  2. alyssaii said: happy esther day, sid! <3 we love you too.
  3. tigermilks said: happy Esther day to you too! <3
  4. thelovelyloner said: We all love you, even though I personally don’t know you, but you seem like a really lovely person and you post lovely things :)
  5. 680 said: SID, YOU’RE ALIVE, GEEZUS
  6. nowplease said: you’re adorableanjdnasdndjdnjand :3
  7. solsetur posted this
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