Got my first roll of 120 film back today and I’m actually in love, I just want to shoot it for ever.

  1. sefte said: you can develop it at home!
  2. enviousnick said: There’s no where for you to develop it yourself, sid? It’s very cost efficient.
  3. camwilliamson said: Say goodbye to any money you had before…
  4. spoopy-mulderr said: Send it to fujifilm through walmart. Its less than $2 to get developed.
  5. donavonsmallwood said: not expensive if you send it out (well for me atleast haha)
  6. remembrane said: It’s so worth the money though wow. What kind of camera did you use?
  7. feelings4felines said: my friend has a camera that only holds 120 film and she was too poor to buy the film so she would cut down the plastic of regular rolls to make it fit. it actually worked too haha
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